Recent Reviews for “Whispering Happiness” Recommend this Story as a “Must-Read” for Summer.

COLUMBIA, MD, May 28, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ — Recent “Whispering Happiness” Reviews:

“Heartbreaking, uplifting and inspirational! The whole roller coaster! Bunnie takes you into her private hell and not only survives, but shows us all that you can rise above it all and find happiness. She has great advice on how to succeed in life, on raising children, and finding the love of your life. Everyone should read this survival story. One hell of an AMAZING WOMAN!!!”

“Bunnie grabs you from the first page and takes you on a journey. It is sad and terrifying and gripping with a good dose of joy. Bunnie was just a cute little blonde girl who wanted to be loved, but encountered much opposition. I won’t spoil the ending other than to say, she conquered. She shows you what the triumph of the human spirit looks like and how ordinary people can become extraordinary. But beware, you may not be able to put the book down once you’ve picked it up! If you ever wanted a book to read on your summer vacation, this is The One.”

After years of struggling to find a voice for her story, Bunnie Riedel has published “Whispering Happiness: Finding Happiness in a World Full of Care.” The inspirational book, examines what happens when the life you counted on is turned upside down; how do you go on to live in peace and happiness?

“Our lives turn on a dime,” said Riedel. “Most often we do not have control of circumstances that come our way or circumstances we find ourselves in. But finding the strength to go on, to not be destroyed by our life experiences, is the most human of things we can do.”

The book tells a dark tale of extreme childhood abuse, both physically and verbally, by an adoptive mother who was most likely bipolar. And later; a tale of emotional abuse in a marriage. Riedel explains how she rose above this abuse and went on to face the challenges of her life and she provides her coping mechanisms for those going through trial.

“Every day people face challenges. They lose their jobs, their loved ones, their marriages, their abilities,” said Riedel. “People all around us are challenged to their breaking point. The question is, how can they or we take those challenges and make our lives meaningful, rich and full of peace and happiness?”

“There was a lot of sorrow as I struggled for 9 years to put this account together. At first, I thought I’d write it as a fiction. But then I realized I just had to just tell what happened, as straight forward and honest as I could,” said Riedel. “To this day, I have sadness about the early parts of my life, but that sorrow has also made me appreciate this day, this moment, this time of peace.”

Whispering Happiness is available on Amazon Books for $12.99 (paperback) at and on Kindle for $3.99.

Bunnie Riedel is available for readings and speaking engagements.

Contact Bunnie at [email protected] or 410-992-4976

Whispering Happiness cover by Reggie Bliss. Editing by Kenyatta Albeny. Cover Set Up by Steven W. Johnson.

Bunnie Riedel was born in Tulsa, grew up in California and now lives near Washington, D.C. She has authored numerous educational booklets and articles to include “Had it Not Been for the Village” which was entered into the Congressional Record by Senator Paul Simon in 1996 and included in three college textbooks. Her work has primarily been in the nonprofit sector and advising governmental agencies at the federal and local level. A fierce advocate for women’s rights, free speech and religious freedom, Ms. Riedel was honored by the California State Senate for her leadership. She prefers a simple life with her Wonderful Guy, a great dog and visits from her children. Her passions include camping, fishing, gardening and travelling the world.

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