Margaret Arney is a puppetry specialist who has designed a simple 3 in 1 puppetry theatre and is writing manuals to help children/adults do wonderful puppet performances that will amaze themselves and their audience.

WILMINGTON, NC, October 11, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ — Puppetry expert Margaret Arney has announced the release of a new book about puppetry, ‘Glove Puppetry’. The new manual is a simple, very well illustrated step by step program that will enable groups to make and perform a full puppet performance. It has been tested in the classroom situation for accuracy, sufficiency, understanding and whether it is really clear and complete enough for the user to achieve the end result – a top performance.

Arney’s mission is to provide puppetry programs to enable busy teachers/group leaders to use puppetry to develop skills, creativity, imagination, confidence and team spirit in a fun environment. These beneficial developments naturally flow on into their everyday lives.

“Puppetry performances teach children how to speak clearly and act confidently, use their imagination and initiative, complete tasks and develop good team work,” Arney stated. “It inspires ordinary people to do extraordinary things.”

Arney has designed a simple three in one aluminum Qubelok theatre (available in Australia and similar systems are available in other countries) – two different heights of proscenium for hand held puppets, including shadow puppets, and a marionette proscenium. She is producing simple illustrated manuals on making the theatre, puppets and scenery with a few story scripts to learn on and perform.

She is currently writing a Marionette Puppetry manual which has been tested in a school to see that it is user friendly and complete. In addition, she is also writing an Introductory Manual to help teachers start simple puppetry plays with younger children and over a few years develop their basic puppetry skills so they can move easily onto doing gloves and marionettes.

‘Glove Puppetry’ has been well received by educators. Teacher Sue Dupont stated, “The benefits of puppetry are innumerable for the builder; the puppeteer and the audience. Once puppetry has been started at your school/group, you won’t be able to stop, because every other class will be waiting to have a go. This manual is easy to follow and I can recommend it highly.”

Margaret Arney is available for media interviews and can be reached using the information below or by email at [email protected]. All of Arney’s books are available at online retailers in print and ebook formats. More information is available at her website at

Margaret started doing puppetry in 1964 with her primary school class aged 10 years. She found it so rewarding to all concerned she is still doing it today. She has also built three transportable theatres with her sons and husband.

Her real love is teaching children or adults how to do puppetry and seeing how incredibly far they want to go with it. She used the theatres to do this along with the aluminum Qubelok one she has designed.

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