International bestselling author Ava Miles invites women everywhere to be the “divine rockstars” they really are

NEW YORK, NY, October 06, 2017 /24-7PressRelease/ — International bestselling author Ava Miles (of “Nora Roberts Land,” “The Chocolate Garden” and “The Gate to Everything”) has written a new series of nonfiction wellness books called “The Goddess Guides to Being a Woman.” Launching the series in August 2017 with the simultaneous publication of seven initial titles — and the promise of more to come — Miles presents “The Goddess Guides” as an invitation for women of all ages to let what she called their “true goddess nature” emerge.

“We go to the movies to watch heroines like Wonder Woman do impossible things to help the world,” says Miles. “We get inspired for those two magical hours. Then we go home, and as the freshness of the movie popcorn turns stale, so do those precious feelings that we too could be Wonder Woman and help the world.”

All women have their own unique set of talents and interests tailor-made for their journey, Miles asserts:

– Your laugh may light up an entire room, like the little girl I watched recently in a nail salon.
– Your artwork may help someone see something in a new light, like I’m constantly told by my readers when it comes to things like PTSD and domestic abuse.
– Your leadership may enliven an entire community to improve untenable conditions, like a group of women I watched band together to farm to make their lives and those of their children better in the face of war in Eastern Congo.

“All of these gifts are as powerful as Wonder Woman’s lasso of truth,” says Miles. “It’s time for the real Wonder Woman in all of us to stand up. Like every little kid cast in a superhero movie says: ‘We need you.'”

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About Ava: International bestselling author Ava Miles calls herself a divine rockstar –something she believes everyone is deep down. With a B.A. in Rhetoric and Technical Writing and Spanish and two graduate degrees, one in International Peace Studies and another in Political Science, Ava Miles spent many years traveling the world and sharing her gifts with women and men in war-torn countries, helping them to rebuild and reintegrate their communities amidst intense struggle. She has managed multi-million-dollar projects and multi-national teams of people in the private sector, in non-profits and in domestic and international agencies as well as multilateral organizations such as the United Nations. Now, she brings that experience together with her passion for sparking joy and personal success in people’s lives, launching an all-new series of life-fulfillment books called “The Goddess Guides to Being A Woman.” With seven books in total, “The Goddess Guides” invite us all to reimagine what it means to be a modern woman — on our own terms. Join Ava in letting the brilliance of your true goddess nature — and that of all the girls and women in your life — shine through. For more information, visit

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