Sylvia Lafair is the founder of Creative Energy Options (CEOinc), a global business consulting firm and the world’s leading authority in Pattern Breakthrough Leadership Development, a Top Global Leadership Guru and award-winning author

WILMINGTON, NC, December 21, 2017 /24-7PressRelease/ — The headlines in 2017 have been filled with story after story about how the role of women in Western society has dramatically changed for the better. From politics to entertainment and everything in between, we have watched history unfold as women have stopped asking for equality and instead have taken charge, stepping into leadership roles across all segments of our society. Women no longer talk about change, hope for change or ask permission to change – they instead make change.

Multi-award winning author Sylvia Lafair has written the book on what it takes for women to speak out, take risks, and stand at the leading edge of change. Entitled ‘GUTSY’, it is the playbook for women in 2018 and beyond. Readers will learn to Observe and Understand behaviors that have stood in the way of true collaboration, and Transform into the world of outstanding partnership (OUT). From exploring models of being gutsy, to what it means to have a pink or blue blanket, her wildly entertaining book gives readers the map to build a future completely unlike the past.

“Women today can, as I often say, ‘clear the past to free the future’ by standing on the shoulders of Gutsy women such as Abigail Adams, Katharine Hepburn, Arianna Huffington and Sheryl Sandberg,” Lafair stated. “I strongly believe that we are at a tipping point, as my book shows, to redesign relationships between men and women for the benefit of all of us.”

‘Gutsy: How Woman Leaders Make Change’ has received eight major industry awards including best business book at the San Francisco Book Festival (2012), The Southwest Book Festival (2013) and the Paris Book Festival (2013).

Lafair appeared on the Today show with Kathie Lee and Hoda to discuss effective use of the slower vacation months of summer to prepare for requesting a promotion in the fall – by being clear and direct rather than waiting to be asked.

She was given an award as one of the top 25 Women in Business by the NEPA Business Journal and The National Association of Women Business Owners for her mentoring to help women move beyond being pleasers to become truth tellers. She explores how to breakthrough outdated patterns learned in childhood that no longer support positive growth in the workplace.

‘Gutsy: How Women Leaders Make Change’ has received high praise from industry leaders of every kind across the USA:

“This book hits the spot for every business woman, actually every woman. It helped me rethink, reclaim, and reinvent my priorities for work and home. I am stronger and more willing to take a stand for what I believe in and not hold back.”
Joanne LaMarca, TV Producer, Today

“I bought the book for my wife and out of curiosity started to read. She didn’t get it till I was finished. I truly understand her better. Even more, I communicate differently at work and big dividend, I can be a stronger ally in helping my daughter grow into a strong woman.”
Mark Siegel, Sr. Vice President , MJC Corp.

“GUTSY, the book and the workshop were life changers for me. I am more able to speak out sooner and encourage my staff to be better truth tellers so issues don’t fester. The world has changed and the world of playing it safe and being pleasers, the one I inherited from my mother, no longer works. I suggest males as well as females read this eye- opening book.”
Yvonne Cangelosi, President at SPEX CertiPrep Group Companies

“Being in the beauty industry, I am surrounded by creative females every day. However, there is still a tendency to hold back and once my staff began applying the concepts they learned from GUTSY, relationships became more conflict free and more effective. The good news is they took what they learned from the book and workshop and brought it home. A double win.”
Debra Neill Baker, CEO, Neill Corporation

The success of ‘Gutsy’ resulted in the development of Gutsy Weekends, now offered through Lafair’s company, Creative Energy Options Inc. The workshops offer women usable and unique insights that blend knowledge from business and psychology. It’s a weekend that includes active participation experience – edutainment that uses film, story, music, art and the peacefulness of being in nature to awaken new ideas and possibilities. This will be available as an on-line program in 2018. Women from all walks of life can share key concepts about their own personal roles as a leader at work, at home – everywhere.

Author Sylvia Lafair is the CEO of Creative Energy Options Inc. (CEOinc), a firm that challenges the status quo of workplace relationships. The key is that as women become more daring men can learn to become more caring and the formula for success is: Daring + Caring = Sharing.

Over the past 30 years their team has searched for the hidden emotional mechanisms at work in a typical office environment. The discovery of why people respond the way they do has profoundly changed the way the company thinks, coaches, consults and develops programs. They believe there is a series of patterns that underlie behavior and has been a missing link in understanding the core of office politics, absenteeism, law suits and poor productivity.

The company’s Pattern Breakthrough process, not found in any other coaching or programs, is what enables them to prepare clients to transcend business frustrations. The company continues to win awards for Pattern Breakthrough Coaching and Total Leadership Connections.

Lafair is an innovative thought leader who has worked with McGraw-Hill, Avon, Google, Lockheed Martin, Merck, Microsoft, Novartis, and many other globally recognized companies.

Sylvia Lafair is available for media interviews and can be reached using the information below or by email at [email protected]. All her books are available at book retail outlets worldwide. More information is available at the company’s website at

Sylvia Lafair has hiked the Inca Trail into Machu Picchu, bungee jumped in New Zealand, ate indiscernible stew in the Amazon, slept on reindeer skins at the Ice Hotel in Sweden and when she sits long enough, writes books, challenges her husband, and explores the meaning of life. She is the award winning author of ‘Don’t Bring It To Work’ and the companion workbook, ‘Pattern Aware Success Guide’.

Sylvia offers a foundation of personal and professional exploration in every program, every book, every speech she gives. Her award-winning book, ‘Don’t Bring It To Work’ is one of the top 9 books for every boss to read. Sylvia retooled her skills as a noted psychologist to explore and chart how family patterns show up at work. She prepares leaders and teams to find the sweet spot of cooperation and productivity and make work a place of high learning with lessened stress.

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